Birth Stories & Testimonials

My favourite part of the job!

I love hearing the birth stories from my couples afterwards; how it went, and how they used all the tools and techniques they learnt in my classes. Many mums find writing their birth story (no matter how long or short) cathartic.

Have a read of these birth stories from real mums who, just like you, may have started their journey dreading the birth. And, have then gone on to have really positive birth experiences, that will stay with them and their partners for a lifetime!

Hi Louise,

Thank you so much for an inspiring and empowering course. We are both approaching the birth of our baby with more confidence and a totally different mindset, which is exactly what we had hoped for! Looking forward to putting it in to practice on the day!

Very much looking forward to our refresher session in July and hoping to meet up in person at the Waffle House before too long!

Thanks again,

Sarah and Jimmy

Hi Louise,
We just wanted to share how your hypnobirthing classes got us through the birth of our baby boy at the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Last month on a Saturday morning, I suddenly started to feel mild surges and I told my husband that it’s soon time! I began to draw upon the tips you had shared and got on with my day.

As the surges increased, we started the breathing techniques with the hypnobirthing relaxation track in the background. It really allowed me to calmly get through the day and give me confidence for my experience ahead.

In the evening, we proceeded to the hospital. Such was the situation, that due to the present circumstances, security made me queue up outside the maternity unit whilst in labour! This was a great opportunity to go over my affirmations and focus on the wonderful experience ahead.

As we got in, my husband set up the room, as you had discussed and I went straight into the zone, breathing all the way through my surges nearly until the very end where I had to then take some gas and air. The mid-wife and consultant were impressed by the breathing getting me through labour.

And on Sunday morning we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We truly couldn’t be more grateful to your course and support.

The lessons we learnt got me through my next three days in hospital, where I couldn’t see my husband or any family as there were no visitors allowed, but I took strength from going to that relaxing place and settling myself down. The lessons we learnt here actually not only helped with the birth but also through the challenging times of post natal care in a Covid World.

I would highly recommend these sessions, which we benefitted both in person and via zoom

Lots of love

Kinjal & Nimai

Hi Louise,

Thank you for our wise hippo refresher. Our baby girl arrived this morning at 7:04. The course really helped dealing with having to go to a hospital rather than a home birth due to lockdown, and we can highly recommend Barnet. The birthing centre is lovely and the staff could not have been any nicer. Just waiting for our discharge paperwork while baby sleeps!!!

Thank you again.

Sarah & Stuart

Hi Louise,

I thought you might like to know that RoseMarie has just this morning given birth to our third child, Barnaby (9lbs 4oz).

Ro used the hypno birthing techniques you taught us for all of the births.  She was incredible and in complete control – she was so serene that it was only after he was weighed that we realised how big he was!  I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave us – I couldn’t imagine us going through a labour without that structure and understanding!  Thank you so much – I am sure our family is a happier one for the start you gave us.

Absolutely happy for you to post – we would sing your praises to the rafters…

Thank you again,


Hi Louise

Just wanted to let you know that Finley was born at home on Monday weighing 8lb 9oz. He is perfect and Jamie and I are both doing well, just tired and working out what our little man needs and how to do it!

I’ll write up a bit more of a birth story when I have a bit more time but I can only say I think all the Hypnobirthing practice and classes must have paid off! We didn’t even have time to get the pool filled up in the end, he was with us in in 3hrs for start to finish! Think the midwife was in a bit of shock when she arrived to the house and observed me in the bath and then examined me and said I was fully dilated!

I ended up delivering in the bedroom and we all had a cup of tea and a flapjack and cuddle afterwards 🙂

I was so proud and happy that we did it at home and that all went so well, no stitches and no gas and air even. So thank you very much!

K, J and Finley xxx

Hi Louise,
Just a note to say thanks again for the refresher.
We had another little boy who we called Barney on Wednesday 8th.
It was a super quick labour. I stayed at home and cooked a curry while in early labour! Then Rich decided we ought to go and the baby came 30 mins after reaching the birthing suit. I was using hypno techniques and the midwife said I literally breathed the baby out!
I had some gas and air and would say I pushed and did some mooing as well but the birth was everything I could ask for and I really felt ‘calm and relaxed’ throughout!
Thank you!

Clare and Richard x

Hi Louise!

Just to let you know that Finlay was born last Wednesday all went wonderfully, only a TENS machine was needed.  Got to hospital at 6cm, one happy Hypnobirther!  Midwives were very impressed with what I’d been taught!

M x

Hi Louise,

Rosa was born Saturday, full Hypnobirth, labour was just over an hour with no pain relief, just my MP3 playing through headphones and lavender flannel. Best ever experience.  I am so happy with the experience we had and you played a big part.  Massive thank you from all of us.


Hi Louise, I had to drop you a quick note to say we did it!!!  Thomas arrived in a fraction of the time of his big sister, it was amazing.  We Hypnobirthed the whole time and had him in a birthing pool.  So relaxed! Thank you!

H&S x

Hi Louise,

My Hypnobirthing techiques came as second nature and it was all very calm and relaxed.  My mum said I went into a trance in between surges, she couldn’t believe how serene it all was.  Actual labour only last 2 hours.  Thank you for teaching us for a wonderful course that I will highly recommend.

Hi Louise,

Introducing Charlie. I had to be induced early due to high blood pressure that was picked up at 38.5 weeks. I had a vaginal birth and the skills I had picked up during the hypno birthing course really came into their own throughout my labour. Jon also really benefitted from understanding more about the birthing process and how he could best support and be involved. He was a role model birthing partner!!

Thanks so much for all the info and tips etc… the skills we picked up during the course not only benefitted the birth but will also infiltrate into other areas of our lives.

Thanks again.


Hi Louise,
I had a wonderful waterbirth. Couldn’t have been more different to my first labour and birth. I am just so pleased we decided to do HypnoBirthing with you. x


Thanks for everything Louise, it made my experience so perfect and Sophia is so calm. I am meant to be trying to sleep but just laying here awake on a massive high!!!
Lots of love from us all xxxx

Louise, I had a great birth, in the water, all natural and your Hypno helped massively. Everyone is healthy and happy. The Lister was faultless, the midwives were really supportive of a Hypno birth, super nice and we were able to stay in the delivery room (rather than moving to the ward) until we were discharged this afternoon.

Baby George, St Albans

Louise, your hypno techniques were amazing. I can honestly say there was no pain.

Waters broke first, so no waterbirth, and it only took 9 hours to get to 10cm. I did J breathing for 2 hours, so we had forceps. Really happy with the decision though.

Thank you for everything, really hope we see you soon for the catch up. Xxxxx

Baby Alma, St Albans.

Thanks Louise so much for your classes, we really enjoyed them.  We did our NCT classes first, before yours, which worked really well.  I’m really excited & I can’t wait for the birth now!

Baby Thomas, Knebworth (1st Baby)

Hi Louise,

Just to say thanks so much for an excellent course – We were a little nervous about how it would work via Zoom but your fabulous delivery and professionalism really shone through. We’ve got so much out of it and I am feeling so excited (and oh so curious!) for the birth of our baby.

Looking forward to the refresher course in August and I’ll be in touch about the placenta encapsulation!

We are also very much up for a Waffle House reunion when things are hopefully back to normal.

Thank you so much again!

Laura & Tom

We signed up for Hypnobirthing with Louise pre Lockdown but thankfully Louise delivered our sessions via Zoom. The amount of knowledge and techniques we have gained from Louise has been amazing, her experience is evident and she makes you feel very at ease. I feel more confident and positive going into the birth of our baby. Having the sessions online was actually great- we were in the comfort of our own home, and it took nothing away from the Hypnobirthing experience.

I would highly recommend Louise and the whole Hypnobirthing process. I am so glad we signed up.

Shelley & Neil

“We thoroughly enjoyed your classes. Aside from the fact it would obviously have been nice to see everyone in person, you were able to run the classes so smoothly over Zoom and we don’t feel like we missed out on any content or even connection by doing it virtually. I will be very happily recommending you to anyone who is interested.


Hi Louise,

Thank you for our wise hippo refresher. Our baby girl arrived this morning at 7:04. The course really helped dealing with having to go to a hospital rather than a home birth due to lockdown, and we can highly recommend Barnet. The birthing centre is lovely and the staff could not have been any nicer. Just waiting for our discharge paperwork while baby sleeps!!!

Thank you again.

Hannah & Tom

Hi Louise, we thought that you’d like to know our baby girl has arrived, at 4 Kilos!

Although we had a C-Section, everything we learned, especially the breathing techniques, was really useful throughout the 36 hours of surges. The TENS machine was also a great recco thank you! 

Thanks so much for everything and we hope you’re all well during this crazy time. 

C & D

Hi Louise, just a quick text as I am exhausted!  I was induced yesterday at 7.30pm, when I was 38 weeks due to diabetes and I gave birth to a perfect baby boy at 9.30am. I did it on paracetamol, gas and air, and the MAGIC OF HYPNOBIRTHING. Thank you so much. I had my perfect birth with no intervention and no drugs or epidural. We did it!!! G x

Hello, we had our little girl, Leah. I was 11 days over. I had my ipod on with HypnoBirthing affirmations, in the pool, just gas n air. 7 hours total!!


Hello Louise

Just wanted to let you know Isaac was born at home on Wednesday.

I managed to make it into the birth pool this time although I got too hot and so I had him out of the pool. Labour was a bit longer than with Finley but Isaac was 10lb 4.5oz so not suprising really and still quite quick in the grand scheme of things! Hypnobirthing worked great again and even with such a big baby I did it with no gas and air and no stitches and I actually feel less tender down below than I did with Finley. The actual pushing stage seemed easier and shorter with Isaac funnily enough than with Finley but the surges to get him down seemed harder work!

Thank you for your coaching with Hypnobirthing. I still have the ‘Hypnobirthing baby’ vest from last time so I will get a pic of Isaac in it and send it to you 🙂

Best wishes

K, J, Finley and Isaac xxxx

Hi Louise,
Our little girl has arrived! I had a long latent phase, but all the hypno tools really helped. The midwives were shocked at how dilated I was, and how calm I was throughout. I ended up having a forceps, but, no pain relief at all. I hypnobirthed the whole way through. The midwives said it was one of the most chilled out labours they’d ever seen!
I started this pregnancy utterly terrified of giving birth, and having no confidence in mu body’s ability to do it. Thanks to HypnoBirthing, I managed to turn that around, and had an empowering birth. Thank you, Louise! Lots of love X X x

Hi Louise,

I went into natural labour at 35+4 so we managed to keep her growing a little longer despite the waters breaking early.

It was a fairly long labour with lots more curve balls throughout and forceps giving her a helping hand into the world at the end! But your techniques proved invaluable then and continued to be so in the days in hospital following.

We are so in love with our little Annie. She is perfect.

K and J St Albans

Hi Louise,

Hope you’re well.

Our special pressie Luca arrived as planned by elective C-section for breech on Wednesday morning – all went well and the mp3s kept me really relaxed before and during. The C-section was a much better experience than I thought it would be, and I’m recovering well. He struggled to feed at first but we’re getting there now, and he’s just amazing. Can’t stop staring at him!

Luca looks forward to meeting you soon!

Lizzie x

Hi Louise

Just wanted to let you know that baby Jack was born yesterday morning.  I had started early labour last Sunday so very long session before actual active labour but it was ok ! I was calm throughout the midwives said I was great !

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help! It really did work! Graham said it also helped him know how to deal with me!

So very grateful!

See you soon!

Ps he seems very calm baby – hopefully he is trained too haha

Danielle & Graham xxx

Hi Louise,

Our baby girl was born at 34 weeks, we couldn’t wish for more, I was using Hypnobirthing techniques from the start 🙂  Massive thanks to you for your amazing classes.  We loved every single minute


Hi Louise

Just wanted to send you a little note to say baby Reggie has arrived! Although the birth plan flew out the window as I needed to be induced, baby was 15 days overdue and pretty big! (next time I would definitely refuse it though) I still used the techniques I learnt at your classes to get me through each surge and very proud to say I somehow got through to 10cm with no pain relief! (The nurses actually had no idea I had dialated so fast until they heard my noises change!) I was rushed to the delivery room then where I pushed for 2 hours (gas and air helped here!) and out he came, face up! I don’t think I could have go through that without hypnobirthing knowledge.

Hopefully next time I will get the calmer water birth that i hoped for…

Thanks for being a brilliant teacher!

Anna, Martin & Reggie King xxx

Hi Louise,

Sorry for the radio silence- been manic here with our little one, and moving.
Queenie arrived in the water. The birth was an amazing experience, I really found the HypnoBirthing helped.
I would ABSOLUTELY do it again!!!!

L, D, Q x x x

“Right from when I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified of having to give birth.  And now having just completed your course Louise, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the birth of my baby.  In fact, bring it on!”

RB, Potters Bar.

Amazing birth! No pain relief, born into the water.

I can’t thank you enough Louise, you really have made a massive difference to our lives.

Baby Edie, St Albans.

Louise – I wanted to let you know our baby has arrived! Lovely healthy baby and both of us are delighted with her.

We managed a natural birth but didn’t quite make the water birth.

We found your HypnoBirthing course really valuable and wanted to thank you for all your help.

Baby Eva, St Albans.

Dads testimonial: (Dan)

We would like to thank Louise for her excellent tuition and advice in helping us plan for the birth of our first child. From a man’s point of view, up until I had met Louise and we had chosen to follow the hypnobirthing route, my role in the pregnancy and the labor...

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Birth Story – Baby Tabitha

Dear Louise Thank you for the HypnoBirthing sessions, it helped so much and the birth was a completely different experience to the last time. So I started feeling surges at about 7.30am called Charlie to come home and the midwife who arrived to me by about 9.30, she...

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Birth Story – Rebecca and Nick

Hi Louise So, here is the story... Once Charlotte (first daughter) had gone to grandparents, I found it much easier to immerse myself in the HypnoBirthing and Nick was able to help me with the deepening techniques, which were very effective and immediately got me into...

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Baby Amelie, Leverstock Green (2nd Baby)

This was my second HypnoBirth. I ended up giving birth at home, as my labour was advancing so quickly. I put this down to HypnoBirthing, as does my midwife! We had a really positive birth experience. Our first daughter was asleep in bed upstairs, as it all happened...

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Baby Chloe, St Albans (1st Time Mum)

I sat on the birth ball in my own zone with music, TENS and gas and air. Coped well. Used breathing techniques without thinking. Didn't need scripts on the day. Midwife told Simon she was impressed by it all as was quite calm throughout. Towards end baby's heartrate...

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Baby Fraser, Rickmansworth (1st Time Mum)

Hello Louise! I had a normal vaginal birth (yay) although I needed gas and air funnily enough (from when i was 4cms dilated to when i was about 7cms as I got really tired and lost concentration). At 7cms dilation all that HypnoBirth training completely kicked in! The...

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Birth Story – Helen, Peter and Thomas

Hi Louise, We did it! My surges started at 2am that morning. I laid quietly in bed breathing through each surge for 2 hours before I woke Peter up at 4am to let him know our baby was on the way. He said 'just go back to sleep'! Which I tried to do until at 6.30am I...

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Birth Story – Sophie, Dan & Evan

Birth Story – Sophie, Dan & Evan

Hello Louise, We just wanted to let you know that Evan arrived a little early at 35 weeks and 3 days on Valentine's Day! He was 4lb 9 but perfectly formed. I went into labour on Monday evening and due to him being breech we had an emergency caesarean and he arrived at...

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Birth Story – Baby Melody

Birth Story – Baby Melody

Hi Louise! I did it! I actually did it! Totally without anything but my MP3s and Ben! I was diagnosed with the start of a pre eclampsia on Thursday following a couple of weeks of BP issues... I was utterly devastated as that meant induction, no water birth, close...

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Birth Story – Nicola and Ben

Hi Louise We hope you and your family are well. Just emailing to say that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joshua. He weighed 8lbs and is perfect. Hypnobirthing was amazing and we're both so pleased we did it. I had a wonderful labour- in the birthing pool. No...

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Birth Story – L

Hi Louise, Just wanted to let you know that baby arrived yesterday at 12:08 in the afternoon weighing 8lb 11oz! I had the home birth I dreamed off using the tens machine and birth pool listening to the MP3’s the whole time - it really helped me remain calm and...

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Birth Story – Jo

Hi Louise Hope you are well. I just thought i would drop you a note to say thank you so much for your course. All your information, experience and tips really paid off as our daughter Harriet was born two weeks ago with 100% hypnobirth! My waters went completely...

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Birth Story – Clare, Mark & Nia

Birth Story – Clare, Mark & Nia

Hi Louise, Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed our beautiful little girl, Nia into the world. I saw my midwife for my planned visit and she thought I was experiencing surges but said not to get excited as it could be days before things got really going. By...

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Birth Story – Jess, Shiva and Bruno!

Hi Louise, So, Bruno arrived a week past my due date when I started having surges. Although going overdue was a bit frustrating (especially with a hundred people calling/texting for 'any news'? every day!) it was actually nice because I was able to practice my...

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Birth Story – Karen, Richard and Bailey

Birth Story – Karen, Richard and Bailey

Hi Louise, I gave birth to our beautiful little girl Bailey 1 week early, weighing 6lb 10oz. I had a full Hypno water birth using only Tens and gas & air and my labour was officially recorded at 4.5 hours. This is my birth story: At 22 weeks my husband and I...

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Birth Story – Beth, Mike and Eloise

Birth Story – Beth, Mike and Eloise

Hi Louise I just wanted to tell you that Mike and I had a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday! The hypnobirthing was just amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better labour, it was just as I had dreamed it would go. I started listening to the MP3s straight away and...

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