Placenta Encapsulation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)



Can I still have my placenta encapsulated if I’m induced, have a C-Section or have pain relief in labour?

Yes to all of these. The placenta filters out any toxins and sends them back to the mother’s liver to be removed from the system, so the placenta is safe to be encapsulated.


Can I have my placenta encapsulated if I have a waterbirth?

Yes. The placenta must be delivered on to a clean surface, not into the birthing pool.


Are there any reasons that the hospital may not let me keep my placenta?

This is very rare! If there are signs of infection during labour, it is not advisable that the placenta is consumed. Add to your birth plan/preferences that you are having your placenta encapsulated, so that your Midwife is aware.


How do I store my placenta safely after the birth?

Your placenta should be stored in a clean, leak proof labelled plastic container, and transferred to a fridge or chiller cool bag with frozen ice packs, within 30 minutes of being delivered. I provide all the information on this for you and the Midwife & all the equipment you need. It’s very straight forward!


What if my baby passed meconium in the labour or birth?

If your baby passes meconium during the birth (the first poo- sticky tar-like) then you can still have steamed placenta capsules, not simple capsules, due to the added safety of steaming during the process. The placenta is also always washed thoroughly before being processed.


How many capsules will I get from my placenta?

This depends on the size of the placenta and the method used. Ranges from 90-250 placenta capsules. A placenta will yield on average 140 simple capsules, or slightly fewer steamed placenta capsules.


What’s the difference between simple dried capsules and steamed dried placenta capsules?

Steamed placenta capsules are made by steaming the placenta in the process, as well as then dehydrating. Mums report a more calming effect and hormonal balance from these. Circumstances where the placenta is safe to be consumed by steamed capsules only; are if baby has passed meconium during the birth, or if mum knows she is Group B Strep positive.
Simple capsules are produced by simply dehydrating the placenta. Mums report these to be more potent, and to give a more energising effect.


What else is in my placenta capsules?

They contain your placenta, nothing else! In a vegetable capsule, which is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


How big are the placenta pills?

They are approximately the size of a “Pregnacare” or vitamin pill. Size zero vegetable capsules is used.


Can anyone else take my placenta capsules?

It’s not recommended that any other person consumes the capsules, just the mother whose placenta they were made from.


How do I store my placenta capsules?

Your placenta capsules should be stored in the dark glass jar provided, for up to 6 months. They can then be frozen, stored in a freezer, for later use when required.