Dear Louise

Thank you for the HypnoBirthing sessions, it helped so much and the birth was a completely different experience to the last time.

So I started feeling surges at about 7.30am called Charlie to come home and the midwife who arrived to me by about 9.30, she checked me and I was 4 cm dilated. I had been using the breathing techniques learnt in the class and was v calm. I went and got changed and then put on the HypnoBirthing rainbow relaxation, affirmations and the Steve Halpern cd on my IPod on repeat plugged in my headphones and lay over my birth ball. I then stayed here in relative comfort whilst Charlie got the birth pool ready, they didn’t check me again and just observed me , I got in the pool at about 12.30 and Tabitha was born at 1.42pm, I did resort to gas and air towards the end, but then used the j breathing technique, I did forget towards the end but Charlie was amazing and started doing the breathing which then reminded me, he was also doing the light touch massage throughout. I watched her head come out, then saw her bobbing in the water where they left her for a few seconds and then scooped her out and put her on my chest. She stayed there for about an hour, my placenta took ages to come out, eventually I had to get out of the pool and sit on the loo so Tabitha went to Charlie.

There was a trainee midwife there who said she hadn’t seen such a calm birth before, I didn’t need any stitches, the total birth time was 6hours 30 minutes and so far Tabitha seems calm and content. Her first day she didn’t really make a peep.

Thanks again and I am really happy if you ever need a recommendation I would happily recommend you.