We would like to thank Louise for her excellent tuition and advice in helping us plan for the birth of our first child. From a man’s point of view, up until I had met Louise and we had chosen to follow the hypnobirthing route, my role in the pregnancy and the labor had been unclear and almost a feeling of exclusion had come about – I’d done my bit and felt that from now on this is clearly a woman only club and the best approach was to keep a low profile to let my wife get on with it.

How wrong and under informed I was. From the moment we first spoke Louise been totally informative and open with both myself and my wife about how we both have our different roles to play in bringing our daughter safely and calmly into the world. Seeing my wife in pain and suffering during birth was one of my biggest concerns, but by teaching us to transform stereotypical perceptions of a painful labour, negative thoughts, worries or anxiety into positive thoughts and practical actions we can use to make the birthing experience a shared, calm, relaxed and joyous event and has eliminated any fears completely.

I now fully understand my role and the genuine help I can offer my wife during this time, this is direct result of learning and understanding the techniques of hypnobirthing and Louise’s excellent advice and guidance.

I would thoroughly recommend prospective parents explore this route, my wife and i have grown closer throughout what has now been a shared experience of pregnancy and we eagerly look forward to welcoming our daughter very soon.