Hypnobirthing Frequently Asked Questions

All your Hypnobirthing questions answered

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing with Louise at BirthBalm is a full Antenatal course to prepare you for all births. You will learn to relax emotionally and physically, letting go of any worries you may have, so that you can birth more comfortably, quickly and smoothly with less complications. You’ll learn breathing, relaxation and coping techniques to help you achieve “the right birth on the day” for you and your baby. So that no matter what type of birth you have, you and your partner feel calm, in control and have a positive birth experience.

“Louise’s hypnobirthing course was the best thing we did in the pregnancy. Louise has so much midwifery knowledge and hypnobirthing experience. We felt calm, prepared and positive for the birth, and then had such an amazing birth experience!”

Frankie Drummond

What is the hypnosis in Hypnobirthing?

The word hypnosis can sound a bit scary. Just think of it as deep relaxation, during which you feel in a calm and peaceful state of mind. This relaxed state is very good for absorbing new learning and changing outdated beliefs. So, by listening to the Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing relaxation tracks regularly on the lead up to your birth, you will approach it feeling calmer and more confident.

What Does Hypnosis/Hypnobirthing Feel Like?

We may all experience it in a slightly different way. Hypnobirthing mums in labour often have their eyes closed, but are not asleep! They are fully in control and aware of their surroundings. Some may feel heavy, sinking into the surface on which they are resting, others light and floaty or tingly; and some feel nothing. There will be times that your mind may drift off as you choose to zone out; whilst other moments you decide to engage in conversation with your birthing partner or Midwife.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Reported benefits include:

  • Calmer, more comfortable birth
    Increases your chances of having a natural birth
  • Reduces the need for medical intervention
  • Improved recovery after the birth
  • Enables your partner to play an integral role in your birthing
  • Promotes bonding between mum, baby and birth partner
  • A more relaxed baby, that is more likely to feed and settle more easily, which we call “Hypnobaby”
  • Easier establishment of breastfeeding

Will Hypnobirthing make my birth pain free?

Hypnobirthing does not promise a pain free birth. However, many hypnobirthing mums feel comfortable enough with the breathing skills and relaxation techniques learnt on the course; and choose not to use any other pain relief in the labour. Pain relief can of course be used alongside Hypnobirthing techniques if you wish. You will learn comfort measures as well pain relief drugs in my classes, so you know all your options, and feel confident making choices in labour.

Can I have a waterbirth with Hypnobirthing?

Yes, many hypnobirthing mums choose to relax in the birthing pool and have a waterbirth, alongside using their Hypnobirthing techniques.


“I cannot rate Louise highly enough. I went from worrying about labour to be extremely excited to meet my baby! Using the hypnobirthing techniques learnt, we felt calm and in control at all times during the birth. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without Louise and Hypnobirthing.”

Gemma Rastelli

When shouId I Start/Book my Hypnobirthing classes?

You can start BirthBalm Hypnobirthing classes any time after your 20 week detailed scan, up until the end of your pregnancy. Starting earlier gives you more time to practise the breathing and relaxation tools & techniques. It is ideal to start before 36 weeks pregnant, but if you’re reading this now, and you’re further along, please contact me- I will still be able to help you. It’s never too late!

Can I do Hypnobirthing on my own or does my partner need to attend classes?

Ideally birth partners attend classes too, so that they have a better understanding of Hypnobirthing, and birth options, as well as being better equipped to support you on your birthing day. Don’t worry if your birth partner is skeptical, or reluctant to come along. This is not unusual, and I often find by the end of the first session, they are totally on board! Mums to be are of course welcome to come to class on their own; this sometimes happens if partners are working, or if they already have a child already and are struggling to get a babysitter!

Is Hypnobirthing only for natural births in a Birth Centre?

No! Hypnobirthing is for ALL births, natural and those mums with a more complicated medical history. So, whether you are planning to have your baby in a Birth Centre (also known as Midwife Led Unit (MLU), or in a Consultant Led Unit (CLU) also known as Delivery Suite) Hypnobirthing is for you! Also for at a home birth, being induced or having a C-Section! Hypnobirthing strategies will help in ALL situations. Hypnobirthing provides you with a tool kit for you and your partner to use wherever and however you choose to give birth.

Can I do Hypnobirthing with an NHS birth?

Yes, most Midwives are familiar with Hypnobirthing these days, as it is so popular and commonly used in NHS hospital maternity units. Midwives have training in the benefits of Hypnobirthing, and are fully supportive of it. They will help you and your partner use the skills during your birth.

Why should I choose Hypnobirthing over conventional antenatal classes?

The difference between Hypnobirthing and conventional antenatal classes, is that conventional antenatal classes will tell you that you need to relax when birthing. But, I will teach you how to relax and breathe; and give you all the necessary tools to do. You will also learn how to plan to have “the right birth on the day,” giving a positive birth experience every time.

When should I use Hypnobirthing?

So many situations such as; at home in early labour, in the car on the journey in to the maternity unit, walking in from the car to triage, transferring to your birthing room, in the birth pool, to relax and cope with your labour and to birth your baby. Hypnobirthing is also helpful for you and your partner to remain calm and relaxed when your baby has arrived, especially in the early days recovering and establishing breastfeeding.

Can you learn hypnobirthing without attending classes, from a book or online?

There are more ways than ever now to study Hypnobirthing. The choice can be overwhelming. However, there is no substitute for attending an in person course with an experienced Hypnobirthing teacher (preferably also a Midwife). You’ll spend dedicated time in the classes practicing the breathing and relaxations, that you may not otherwise be committed to doing at home. In class, you can ask all the questions you want (no question is a silly one), and you get extra tailored support than if simply reading a Hypnobirthing book or doing an online course.

In a group hypnobirthing class, you also have the opportunity to make friends with other couples at a similar stage of pregnancy.

And form lasting and supportive friendships!

Is Hypnobirthing effective?

Yes Hypnobirthing is SO effective! Read the many positive birth stories and experiences of BirthBalm couples that I have taught over the years since I first staring teaching Hypnobirthing in 2009.

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