I sat on the birth ball in my own zone with music, TENS and gas and air. Coped well. Used breathing techniques without thinking. Didn’t need scripts on the day. Midwife told Simon she was impressed by it all as was quite calm throughout. Towards end baby’s heartrate dropped. Put me on bed to monitor. Was 8cm by this point. Heartrate didn’t improve so got taken in lift up one floor to delivery suite. Was 10cm when got there.

Could feel pressure but no pain.

Pushed her out in 20mins, with episiotomy. Chloe alert straight away. Chloe is generally a very calm and contented baby.

Overall, had lovely experience. Felt very positive about it all. Friends surprised when we were all up and about when Chloe was three days old, but we were quite ready for it.

Really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. All practise paid off as used it instinctively. Was surprised at not needing scripts but was quite relaxed with music and darkened room.

Very positive experience which has been a joy to share especially with people who were doubtful about it.