Hello Louise,

We just wanted to let you know that Evan arrived a little early at 35 weeks and 3 days on Valentine’s Day! He was 4lb 9 but perfectly formed. I went into labour on Monday evening and due to him being breech we had an emergency caesarean and he arrived at 1:42pm on Tuesday. Despite his gestation he’s absolutely perfect and doing amazingly well. We were discharged on Friday. I’ve attached some photos 🙂

We were able to use the hypnobirthing techniques during the 12 hours of labour before the c-section, we had the music playing constantly and I used some of the breathing techniques during surges, I was pleased to manage the 12 hours with just one dose of dihydrocodeine. The birthing affirmations also helped during the 12 hours of surges to stay calm as we kept being bumped to the bottom of the list for the emergency section (both baby and I were doing so well we weren’t a priority!).

We were due to come to a refresher session with you- we’re happy to bring Evan along at the beginning/end of the class to meet you if you like? Don’t want to disrupt the class though so if you’d prefer he can come and meet you another time.

Thanks again for your help with hypnobirthing,

Sophie & Dan

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