Hi Louise

Hope you are well.

I just thought i would drop you a note to say thank you so much for your course. All your information, experience and tips really paid off as our daughter Harriet was born two weeks ago with 100% hypnobirth!

My waters went completely unexpectedly at home on Sunday evening and during the car journey (with the affirmations playing) to the hospital my surges started. By the time we got to the hospital triage they were 5mins apart. After a few hours in triage we were admitted to the ABC and we were able to set up the room with led candles, music etc. I was so calm and focused the midwives assumed I was still in very early labour and at 8am on the shift change I was finally examined and was actually 6cms! Exactly one hour later Harriet was born, it all got very busy very quickly! I was able to use the 54321, surge breathing and all the mp3s throughout the whole labour. Even when it came to her arrival I tried G&A but found I was better on my own with the breathing techniques! The birth was amazing, my body did all the work automatically and I didn’t feel I was trying to push – my body was doing it for me! I just breathed her out.

I was able to have the exact birthing experience I envisaged as the start of your course and both Harriet and I were calm and relaxed afterwards. She pinked up immediately and even now is such a calm baby. Both the midwife and the student midwife that delivered her said that they had heard all about hypnobirthing, but hadn’t really seen it in action and were amazed at our delivery.

Without you and the Wisehippo course I really don’t know how i would have prepared for the birth and all the preparation and practice came into it’s own and I felt I was ‘trained’ to be relaxed and it came totally naturally.

Again, thank you so much for everything.

Best wishes,

Jo x

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