Hi Louise,

So, Bruno arrived a week past my due date when I started having surges. Although going overdue was a bit frustrating (especially with a hundred people calling/texting for ‘any news’? every day!) it was actually nice because I was able to practice my hypnobirthing as much as possible and really focus on the birth.

I had long latent phases through the labour. We were turned away from Lister twice as I wasn’t progressing enough. On Wednesday I went for a sweep and my midwife discovered I was 4cm.

Anyway, as my labour stalled again it was suggested that we go home as it would be more likely for my labour to progress out of the hospital environment. It was about 2am and I refused to go home, the thought of that journey again – no way! The midwife offered to examine me so we could make a decision on what to do and I was 9cm!! I had had no pain relief leading up to this but got through it all through my breathing and visualising my special place.

I then was wheeled rather quickly to a birthing suite where I was in the pool for an hour or so which felt amazing. I enjoyed a bit of gas and air at this point. I actually ended up delivering on the bed as I felt more comfy there, and Bruno was born naturally at 6.46am.

I can’t imagine how I would have dealt with the whole experience had I not done hypnobirthing. Sometimes the surges would come on so intense and quick, my initial instinct was to panic or focus on the pain but then I would within a second or so remember to breathe and visualise and it really got me through. Shiva was great at reminding me to breathe through each surge and with each one I would think that one is done – and now I’m closer to meeting my baby, just like we have practised on the MP3’s. The programme also helped me to keep my mindset positive when the labour kept stalling, I kept reminding myself that my body had it under control and I would be able to do this.

Louise I can’t thank you enough!

All the best

Jess, Shiva and Bruno!

Pic coffee morning 2

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