Hi Louise,

We did it!

My surges started at 2am that morning. I laid quietly in bed breathing through each surge for 2 hours before I woke Peter up at 4am to let him know our baby was on the way. He said ‘just go back to sleep’! Which I tried to do until at 6.30am I was ready to get up. Peter made me food and a drink, put MP3 called the hospital and then started light touch massage. The hospital advised Peter to put me in the bath which he did! I was sick while in the bath which was horrible but luckily it was only that once.

At 8am I felt it was time to head to the hospital. We arrived at 8.30am and was examined shortly afterwards. I was 6 cm dilated and can remember thinking, is that all!

By 9.30 I was in a birthing pool with MP3 playing in the background.

Peter meanwhile was doing a fantastic job talking to me and telling me to do whatever my body wanted to do and remained me about the J breathing. He also feed me about five penguins chocolate bars and lots and lots of water. He stroked my hair loads which I have always liked him doing. This stage of birthing was just as you explained it would, a huge pressure in your bum. With each surge I kept telling myself that our baby was getting closer and closer to us. With the end of each surge I though the next one could be it. When that surge finally came and Thomas’ head popped out it was unreal. I recall saying ‘blooming hell, that hurt!’ but I was totally calm and had plenty of energy for the last surge. Both Peter and I saw Thomas’ head turn as you side it would before his shoulders and body came out. Then one last surge and out he swam.

He was placed on my chest and then shortly afterwards on my breast. Peter told me his sex and cut the cord. Then I birthed the placenta which was very straight forward. I was amazed at the size of it! I didn’t require any stitches thankfully. We left the hospital at 6pm that day.

So with your help Thomas has had the very best start to his life with a calm journey into the world. 100% drug free delivery is the added bonus.

I feel very proud of myself, Peter and Thomas. Between us all we achieved what we set out to achieved.

It just leaves me to say a huge thank you to you for empowering us to birth we way we did.

Many Many Thanks,


Pic Thomas 2

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