Hi Louise

I just wanted to tell you that Mike and I had a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday! The hypnobirthing was just amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better labour, it was just as I had dreamed it would go. I started listening to the MP3s straight away and using the TENS. I used clary sage too which I think really sped things up – maybe a bit too much in hindsight… Mike was busy doing the bags and the car and time just flew by, before I knew it it was 4.30am, surges 50 secs long and every 2 minutes. I started struggling a bit then and Mike has since told me that at the time he thought I just had a low pain threshold! However it turns out I was in transition and when we got to Edgware I was fully dilated and the midwife could feel the head! I think he was a bit TOO “calm and relaxed!” I had time to get in the pool though which slowed things down a bit, which I’m glad about as it was getting pretty intense at that stage. I had a bit of gas and air but it just took away the urge to push so I stopped. Eloise was born gently into the water at 7.51am with Mike delivering her – the midwives said afterwards that they hardly had to do anything as Mike was so supportive. We both knew exactly what to do and the midwife just advised me when to blow as the baby was crowning. The humming really helped and I didn’t need any stitches thank goodness.

All in all, I think we not only had the right birth on the day, we were lucky enough to have a dream birth. Even now, 4 days later I can’t stop thinking about it and how amazing it was. Eloise is such a little chilled out person and is feeding so well, and I honestly think it is due in part to her gentle birth. I’ve attached a few pics of her for you.

Thank you Louise from all three of us for the amazingly taught course and all your help and advice. You have given us the most incredible experience of our lives and I’m going to recommend hypnobirthing to anyone I know preparing for birth. I don’t how anyone can do it otherwise!

Love Beth, Mike and Eloise xx

Pic Eloise

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