Hello Louise!

I had a normal vaginal birth (yay) although I needed gas and air funnily enough (from when i was 4cms dilated to when i was about 7cms as I got really tired and lost concentration). At 7cms dilation all that HypnoBirth training completely kicked in! The midwife apparently didn’t even get the opportunity to check how dilated i was again as I was in my own little world, completely in tune with my body and following my baby’s lead, with no medical intervention. I just knew when the baby was coming, and assumed the position i wanted to take to push the baby out, which was on my knees, leaning on the bed. The pushing stage apparently lasted less than 15 minutes, and I didn’t have to have an episiotomy, although i did have to have a few stitches afterwards.

Matt and I would like to thank you very very much for everything you taught us about HypnoBirthing, as all that training we had made the whole experience very positive and relaxed for Fraser and us. And, everyone has been commenting on how content and relaxed he is!

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